About Village Fitness with Jamie Nicole

Jamie Nicole is the founder and director of Village Fitness with Jamie Nicole.  Jamie Nicole is a dynamic and energetic fitness instructor whose goal is to keep you motivated, inspired and to make sure you leave her classes feeling better than you did when you came. 

Jamie fell in love with dance fitness and the energy she felt when working out in a group atmosphere.  In 2016, she obtained her first dance fitness certification from a format called U-JAM. She then went on to obtain her Zumba certification in that same year and at the beginning of 2017, she got certified as a MixxedFit instructor.  MixxedFit catapulted Jamie’s brand and she and her “Village” is known all over the Houston area. 

In 2019, Jamie began to expand her brand and has begun creating her own choreo for her dance fitness brand known as Village Vibes.  In addition to the creation of Village Vibes, Jamie is creating a fitness format for seniors and those with mobility limitations. This is a passion for Jamie as well because as a certified health and empowerment coach


and someone with autoimmune diseases, Jamie is aware that a Village includes everyone, from the young to the old and those who move differently than others. Sit, Fit and Lit is a fun and functional format that provides a fun way to sit and dance while focusing on functional movement and strength training using resistance bands. 

Jamie believes that health is more than just working out and that fitness is just a one component of health. Village Fitness is about advocating and providing resources for you to learn more about eating healthy food, having a healthy body and living a healthy lifestyle. In order to support The Village in their efforts to

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obtain those goals, Jamie Nicole runs an online group, Village Fitness in Motion, to provide support, resources and motivation to those seeking to improve their health and wellness with the support of like-minded individuals on the same journey to a better version of themselves.

Jamie has dedicated herself to helping others reach their health and wellness goals by inspiring and motivating them and empowering them to inspire and motivate others.  She has done private and corporate wellness events all over Houston and surrounding areas and is currently partnered with United Healthcare to provide health and fitness workshops for seniors.  Jamie is available for community, corporate and private events to instruct a class or dance fitness party tailored to your wants and needs.  

In addition to her role as a fitness instructor and health coach, Jamie is also a mother of 2 teenagers who are also certified fitness instructors.  


To inspire and empower people of all ages, genders, races and abilities to live their best life through health education and group fitness in order to promote healthy eating, a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. 


What We Offer

Village Fitness with Jamie Nicole offers and its instructors offer dance fitness classes; Village Vibes Dance Fitness Parties; Sit, Fit and Lit adaptive chair dance and strength training classes and Confidence and Self-Esteem Beginner Heels Classes. Village Fitness and its instructors are available for corporate, community and private parties.

Our Team

Samantha Jimenez began dancing in front of an audience at the age of 5. Whether it was a “show” for family, or a performance in front of a crowd, she always found the stage. With Latin being her favorite style of dance, Samantha joined a Latin dance group at the age of 8. While dance was always her passion, she still took the time to participate in other sports throughout her school years. 


In college Samantha was VP of a hip-hop dance organization on campus named Harambee. This group would perform campus wide, and travel to other campuses as well. Samantha graduated from Texas State University in 2012 with a B.A in Mass Communications. Dance took a temporary pause until 2016 when she joined a Latin dance company specializing in samba. Later that year, she joined the company in competing in season 2 of NBC’s hit show “World of Dance.” Samantha now uses dance as a way to promote health and confidence by teaching dance fitness classes to any and every one! She is also a full-time mother of two children and kindergarten teacher. 

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